dinsdag 24 april 2012

The final project

So my friends, the end is near.

Our final project in school ( @  Syntra Hasselt ) is starting to take form. In about two months we will face our judgement day! God it went by so fast.  In the meantime I'll try to post as many updates as possible.

So what is this project? I'm glad you ask... each one of us has a story, and each one of us will have to vizualize that story and create a Pitchbook. And yes, we will have to pitch this project, and yes I am very anxious about that. At this point I can not give away the story I'm working on, though I can say that is is a very cool book written by a teacher in my school. What I can give away is the concept art that I'm creating.

The story takes place somewhere around 1800 and mankind has already mastered the art of flying! Their main fuel source is a natural gas comming from flying whale-like creatures. Now the tricky part is that similar artwork has been done many many times before I got my hands on this beautiful concept. The big challange will be to come up with something new... so stand by me.

Regarding the aircrafts in this story, I'm going to focus around two main Aircrafts. One humongous airship and a small personal airplane/airship combo.

I hope you liked it so far
More to come so stay tuned!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with your final project, this looks very promising :)

  2. Hey Maarten why didn't you show the top picture of the Zonnewende on saturday?
    I think it's awesome.

  3. Hey Matthias, first of all, thanks! I wasn't quite sure about mixing linedrawings and paintings.. You think this would have blended well with the rest of the designs? I'm going upload the completed pitchbook tomorrow.. extra feedback will always be appreciated ;)